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Welcome Home Elder Sawyer!

August 9, 2014





June 29, 2014

Sorry about writing you so late but I was trying to catch up on some other letters. well its been a good week this week. Ive been training my replacement this week so thats been fun. His name is elder bandy and he is from chicago. He is a great elder and he will do great as the financial secretary. In term s of mission work this has been a pretty slow week. Ive got a lot of things to teach in the offices and only a little time. We got my flight informacion this week so that was pretty crazy. I sent it to dad so he should know about it. Well thats pretty much all ive got for this week. Ill talk to you guys later. Have an awesome week.

Elder Sawyer
ps. read the book of mormon
(Zander will be home August 9th and speaking in church on the 10th!)

April 19, 2014

How have you guys been doing? Ive been doing really good here in bogota. Weve been enjoying some great sunny weather these days so thats been nice. Today my companions and I went to the temple and it was amazing like always. I really enjoyed my time there. It was great to have a nice peaceful expirience. I needed to be there. Here where i am serving right now is in the middle of the city, or downtown. It gets pretty chaotic at times and i see some pretty sad, scary, depressing, and interesting things. Even just here sittign in the office i can see the traffic, ambulances and everybody running around. This week was a little bit different though. Seeing as its la semana santa, (holy week). It was a little bit more peaceful in the city. It did make me alittle bit sad though. Just seeing how it feels like everyone only seems to remember Christ this week and then just forget about Him after sunday. Im really glad we have the chance to partake of the sacrament every week to remmeber alll that he has done for us. The church put out a great video and site about easter, heres a link if you havent seen it.   well id also like to tell you about another cool thing that happened this week. On sunday night we didnt have anything to do for about half an hour so i decided to call all the unknown numbers in my cell phone. We were able to contact a great investigator named andrea and now she s preparing to get baptised on the 24th of may, (happy birthday dad). We are looking forwar dot teaching here more this week. we also brought a new yorker to church on sunday so that was interesting, He doesnt speak much spanish but we found him on the street and he´s pretty interested. Also we contacted a muslim man but it doenst look like he is very willing to change. Well thats just a littl ebit of what happened in this week. I love and miss you all.

Elder Sawyer

April 12, 2014

Its a little bit late here and we don’t have much time to write but i’ve got a few minutes. Today we had a pretty crazy day. Allegedly it was our pday but we had a lot of work to do. We were able squeeze a little bit of fun in though. We went to the museum of gold and it was really cool. I went when i was in the mtc as well but t was fun to go back. It was interesting to think and try to find connections with the nephites and the lamanites. Ill send some pictures in a minute. This week has been a good week. It was my first week here in the offices without my trainer but it was fine. Ive pretty much got it all down now. we also had a good week teaching our investigators. weve started teaching a new yorker who doesnt speak spanish so thats been fun. He’s really lost and needs a lot of help but he has committed to come to church tomorrow. We have also working hard with a 18 year old named Fabio. Its been pretty hard because he works a lot and doesnt keep his commitments. Its a challege but we are sticking with him for now. We have also been trying to get to know the members of the ward, thats a goal we have for this next week. well thats a little bit about my week this week. I love you and miss you all and ill talk to you later.

Elder Sawyer

March 3, 2014

Hello family. How are yall doing? This morning i got a good feel of the move that you guys just went through. We helped a family move to set up a sewing and dress shop. I never knoew that sewing machines were so heavy. It was work. We then went and played a little bit of soccer. Then we went to subway and came to write. Im gonna cut my hair after this as well- Thats gonna be our pday.  Weve had  good week this week. The family i sent yall a picture of are really progressing. they are preparing to get married and then to get baptised on the 22 of march. Its pretty weird to think tht we are already in march time is going by way too fast. Tis week weve spent a whole lot of time knocking on doors looking for new pople so its been interesting. Heard lots of insults and lots of slamming doors but we had a little bit of success. Thats about all that happened in the week. Its been raning pretty much every day so thats a weather update for you guys. I love you all and ill write yall soon.

Elder Sawyer

October 21, 2013

First off its pretty sad to hear about grandpa tony passing away. He will be missed but thanks to the testimonies that we have we know that this life is only temporary and that death is a very important part in Gods plan.

I didn’t get transferred this week so ive probably got another 6 weeks here in aeropuerto. Ive been here for four and a half months now but im really excited to keep working here. There are a lot of people we still have to help here. My companion (elder rosales) left for bucaramanga yesterday and i was waiting in the terminal for about 4 hours until my companion showed up. His name is Elder Uguartemendias from Argentina. I’m looking forward to working with him. This last week we had a successful baby shower for a family that we are teaching. It was really awesome because we were able to help them out so that they will be prepared for the baby. My companion and i gave them a bath and the ward members helped out with the rest. We are working hard with them so they can get ready for baptism. Overall im pretty happy. I like transfers because its a time to change some things that i can improve. This will probably be my last transfer here in aeropuerto so ive gotta make it a good one. Love and miss you all.

Elder Sawyer

October 14, 2013

Hello family,

I’m still writing you guys from Cucuta. Although this could be my last week here because we’ve got transfers next week. I’m still loving my time here though. Today we played soccer for about 5 hours so I’m pretty badly sunburnt and exhausted but we’ve got work to do tonight so no time to rest. This week was a great week for us. We were able to have exchanges with the zone leaders and that was a really fun day. Its always great just to have a day with a gringo. Its fun to talk in English. I’m a little bit worried cause I’m starting to forget some words… If i get home speaking Spanish its because I’ve forgotten English.  One thing i spent a lot of time studying this week was the atonement. I was thinking about how we despise the Jews and the roman soldiers for the terrible things they did to the Savior and all the pain they caused Him. It made me think about our own lives. When we sin or disobey the commandments we are basically doing the same thing. He has to suffer and pay the price for our actions. That’s a thought that’s been helping me stay on the right path. If we willingly disobey the commandments we are guilty of causing that same pain and suffering to our savior. That was pretty much all i was studying this week. Just how great the Lords atonement is. It covers everything. I invite y’all to study that this week and try to apply it into your lives.

Elder Sawyer