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Near Venezuela

November 25, 2013

Hello everyone,

We had a great week this week. We were able to have the baptism for sister Martha and that was a great experience. She was really prepared for the gospel and it all started just because she had a friend who had the courage to invite her to listen to the missionary’s. Its was awesome. I baptized her on Saturday and on Sunday she was confirmed. I’ll include the pictures. We also are preparing the son of another convert for his baptism this Saturday. He is in a wheel chair so it’ll be a new experience for me. Im trying to enjoy what i think will be my last days here in aeropuerto. Ive made it my goal to work as hard as possible this week so I can leave happy. Its starting to feel a lot like christmas here as well. My companion is getting annoyed because im singing all the time. Thats pretty much all ive got for this week. Love and miss you all. Merry christmas.
Elder Sawyer

November 18, 2013

How are y’all doing in the beautiful NW? I’m about to complete about 6 months here in cucuta so that’s pretty exciting. I really like it here but when we get to the next transfers im ready for a change. One disappointment this week was that the baptism we had planned for last Saturday didn’t work out. She had an emergency at work and couldn’t make it. We had to reschedule for this Saturday and we are praying that it’ll work out. We also have two other baptisms scheduled for the end of this month. We have started working a lot with the leaders of the ward to help us with the work and that has been really rewarding. In regards to the food this week…. I ate boiled chicken feet, it was miserable. I also had cow stomach soup but that tastes like squid so its not too bad. We are also supposedly in winter here but its still usually 90 degrees. Just with a lot of rain. Im looking forward to Christmas, we are starting to see alot of decorations and some music. Questions???

Elder Sawyer
The Bishop
News From Seattle

November 11, 2013

Hello everybody,

Greetings from colombia. Its been a good week this week. It was a little slow because my companion and I were a little sick but we made the best of it. Im really excited for this week cause weve got a baptism. We have been teaching her for about a month and she is really ready for the gospel. She had a dream where she was in a huge house with only locked doors and she didnt know where to go. She saw all kinds of priests pastors, and religious people. They werent able to help her though. Then she saw us, or two missionaries and they opened the door for her. She is awesome and really is prepared. We are also working alot with the less active families in this ward. We are having a lot of success teaching. Its great to talk about eternal families and feel how much God loves these people. He is doing so many miracles for us every single day. I love you all and im doing great here in aeropuerto.
Elder Sawyer

October 28, 2013

How are yall doing? Im still loving life here in cucuta. Its been a great week here in aeropuerto. Im really enjoying being here with my new companion. He really wants to work hard so i think we will have a lot of success this transfer. This week we had the opportunity to have interviews with president ad it was good to talk with him. The mission work is changing so much and its amazing to be a part of it. The Lord really is hastening his work. This week a ward member called and told us that there were 11 missionaries stranded in the airport waiting for a flight so we went to go rescue them. We went to go buy some fried chicken and soda and brought them dinner. They had been waiting for 10 hours without food or money so they were pretty grateful to see us. It was fun to help them out. We also had stake conference this week and it was amazing. It was all about mision work and how to be a missionary. Im looking forward to the future because i feel like everyone will want to help us. When we go to teach with a member its always so much more powerful. Id like to invite yall to invite the missionarys to go visit one of your friends. I expect to hear your results next week.

Elder Sawyer


September 30, 2013

Hello and greetings from Colombia,

Its been a great week this week. To start things off we had the baptism of Andrea, we have been teaching her for a long long time and she finally entered into the waters of baptism this Saturday. That was a great moment. It was really cool to see her so happy and to see the ward supporting her as well. We also had a conference with our mission president this Thursday and we learned a whole lot. There are a whole lot of changes coming for the mission work. Its pretty exciting. I also got your letters and my package. Thank you. Mom, your letter for my Colombian friends arrived just in time. The sister it was for was in the hospital this week and it cheered her up a lot. Also i was pretty impressed by your Spanish. Well thats about all that happened this week. Im still doing great here in cucuta. Im really looking forward to conference this weekend. Itll be great to hear what the prophets have to say to us. Also if you guys have any friends that want to talk to the missionaries talk to your ward mission leader and go visit them. How are things going in the United States?
Con muchisimo amor, Elder Sawyer
Ive got a homework assignment for you guys. Id like you to prepare Bandeja Paisa. Look it up on internet and try to make it. Send me pictures and let me know how it goes.

September 23, 2013

Hello family,

I owe ya’ll a long letter this week so I’ll make it a good one. I’m still really enjoying my time here in Cucuta. Im pretty happy for this week because we will finally have the baptism for Andrea. We have been teaching her for about 2 months but something always comes up and we couldn’t follow through with the baptism. Things are looking great for this weekend though. We also had a baptism this last Saturday so we are having progress here in cucuta. Ill have lots of pictures to send next week. I forgot my camera or else id send them right now. Right now in the mission and i think the whole world is that we need to work with the ward council so that’s what we are trying to do. The work is a lot more productive when the whole ward is involved and not only the missionaries. Right now in the mission our main goal is to baptise. President has told us that we need to double the number of baptisms here in cucuta so we can be an example for the whole mission. Today we went out to go shopping in the center of cucuta and i bought a pair of shoes. My pair of shoes that i bought in sears finally wore out. The pair i bought in macys is still going strong. I also bought a san francisco tshirt and some chocolates. Here in colombia they dont celebrate valentines day but the day of love and friends which was this past weekend so we’ve got lots of chocolates to give away. I hope you are all reading tthe scriptures everyday and going to the temple often. If not you are missing out on all kinds of blessings. Well thats all ive got to say for this week i love and miss you all.
Elder Sawyer