July 13, 2014

First off I apologize for the late email. Its been a pretty crazy week and I havent had much free time,but as promised, heres my email. So to start things off im still here in the offices. I thought for sure I would be out by now but its been fine. Even though our time is limited we are still doing great work here. The past sunday I was so happy because 6 of the less active members we have been teaching came to church. Its always a great moment to see that these people are taking the steps towards becoming better people. We have also been working hard with a new family we found up on the mountain. They were listening to the missionaries about 3 years ago but lost contact until we found them again. They are a great family and its been really fun to be able to teach them. The hardest part will be trying to get them to church. They live pretty far up the mountain and with lots of little kids itll be tough. We have faith though. I heard some great news this week as well. One of the first families that i was teaching in bucaramanga just got baptised this week, Its been over a year since we found them and started teaching them but it was finally their time. Its cool to see how the Lord is always working. Its always on His time schedule though. He knows when the people are truely ready to change.

I love you all and thanks for everything.
Elder Sawyer
Remember the Alamo,

Hello everybody. I’m writing you all from my new area!!! Alamos!!! I’m still here in Bogota but now I’m more on the eastern side of the city. I’m really looking forward to working here. As of this moment my companion still hasn’t gotten here so ive been working with the zone leaders. Its been great so far. I’ve gotten to know a lot of the ward members and have been forming my own personal plan for when my companion gets here. I know that i don’t have a lot of time left to really waste time here so my plan is just to work, work and work. I’m really excited because it looks like a lot of the members here are really interested in working with us. I’m pretty glad that im not in the offices anymore but it truly was a great learning experience. It was probably the most stressful time of my life but i definitely learned a lot of stuff to help me in the future. I think one of the biggest attributes I improved is in patience. It was pretty tough dealing with businesses, house owners and dumb missionaries but i had to do it. One of the best parts about being a missionary is that you always strive to have a Christlike attitude. That can be hard sometimes but it makes everything better. Even though its a hard task, when we try to model our lives after our Savior we can really start to see the results and that we are becoming better people. The path to becoming a true disciple is not always easy but I can promise you all that its worth it.
Elder Sawyer

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