June 21, 2014

First off I need to apologize, ive been slacking a little bit in my letters. Ive been pretty focused on personal letters but now im getting back on course and ill try to make this a good letter. Hmm where should we start….. So this week in the beautiful country of Colombia we had some great experiences. To start off im still here in the offices… president had told me i would get out for my last transfer but the Lord works in mysterious ways and He still has work for me to do here so  here i am. I am enjoying it though. Its really been teaching me a lot of stuff that im sure will really help me in my life. Im learning how to manage money, deal with lots of (usually) angry people, manage all kinds of tasks, and to take care of about 2 million dollars worth of responsibilities. Its been fun, but i do miss being in the field all the time. But anyway to start out with general Colombia news everybody here is world cup crazy. Colombia has won there first two games and people are going nuts. I have never seen such big celebrations. I kinda like it because the whole country is united for this common cause. Everybody always has on their Colombian jerseys. We were walking back to the offices right when Colombia won and we recorded a video of the craziness, here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rry061WMGGk This was just a little bit. It was non stop honking and yelling for about 3 hours.. The US won as well but nobody cared about that. In other sports related news, we have been working a lot with the less active members in this ward. We had a great experience where we went and shared a less active sister and her husband. We shared a really powerful lesson about the atonement and helped her make goals to move forward. It was  great lesson and when we finished she was so happy and told us that we were the answers to her prayers and that she had been praying for someone to help her and we were that answer. That´s one of the most gratifying and satisfying things about doing the Lords work. You are there to do what He would do, visit those that He would visits, and say what He would say. Its the best feeling in the world and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Well that’s about all i´ve got for this week. Im looking forward to your replies.

Elder Sawyer

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