May 24, 2014

How are you all doing? I’ve been doing great here in the beautiful city of Bogota. We spent a good portion of this week looking for and teaching less active members, It’s been way fun. We climbed up mountains, went into the hood, saw some disturbing things in downtown Bogotá, and taught the gospel. Sounds like a good week. We have been teaching some great people, one of them is a brother whose first son was just born. His wife is a Jehovah witness and she is always saying some weird stuff she´s a nice lady. The brother is way nice and wants to change and come back to church. One thing I learned this week is how hard it is to judge, I realized that judgment is a Godlike quality but in our mortal state we just judge and think people are the worst. Trying to have christlike love for everyone is hard but it’s something I’ve been learning to develop on the mission. If Christ could love and forgive the people that were crucifying Him, i think we should be capable of that love as well. It’s pretty tough sometimes but when you love everybody you see miracles and lots of changes. I just love the Gospel, it’s so awesome. I considered myself a relatively intelligent person but now that I’ve been studying the scriptures and the gospel things have just started to make sense. It’s amazing how all the answers are out there just waiting to be discovered. Everyday my purpose here just becomes clearer and clearer. Well I’m pretty much out of time but i love you all and ill talk to you later.


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