April 12, 2014

Its a little bit late here and we don’t have much time to write but i’ve got a few minutes. Today we had a pretty crazy day. Allegedly it was our pday but we had a lot of work to do. We were able squeeze a little bit of fun in though. We went to the museum of gold and it was really cool. I went when i was in the mtc as well but t was fun to go back. It was interesting to think and try to find connections with the nephites and the lamanites. Ill send some pictures in a minute. This week has been a good week. It was my first week here in the offices without my trainer but it was fine. Ive pretty much got it all down now. we also had a good week teaching our investigators. weve started teaching a new yorker who doesnt speak spanish so thats been fun. He’s really lost and needs a lot of help but he has committed to come to church tomorrow. We have also working hard with a 18 year old named Fabio. Its been pretty hard because he works a lot and doesnt keep his commitments. Its a challege but we are sticking with him for now. We have also been trying to get to know the members of the ward, thats a goal we have for this next week. well thats a little bit about my week this week. I love you and miss you all and ill talk to you later.

Elder Sawyer

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