April 5, 2014

How have you all been doing? Ive been enjoying my day today. We woke up, cleaned up the house and then came here to the offices. Here we watched conferenced on the computors. It was excelent. I loved all the talks especially Elder Holland. Then the senior missionaries from the south invited us to play basketball and lunch so we did that. It had been a really long time before we played basketball and it was great. We played for about 45 min and then went to eat. The sister,(they are from the states) made us taco salads and they were delicious. It made me miss moms cooking alot. Then they also invite us to watch the second session of conference in his hous so we did that. quicksidenote, she had also made us zuchini bread but it was not as good as moms. The second session of conference was great as well. Now we are taking this time to write the fam and to prepare to go see the priesthood session in president Andelins house. Im looking forward to it. We also had a great week this week. Even though weve got less time to proselyte we were able to invite 2 people to get baptised and we are really praying that they can progress. We have also been working hard to get the members to do their home teaching. that is a big challenge here. Im really enjoying my time here. In terms of administration this week, everything is in order. Im pretty much doing everything now. Its a lot to learn. well thats all ive got i love and miss you all.

Elder Sawyer

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