March 29, 2014

I’ve been doing pretty good here. Its been a long week though.  I pretty much go home every night with a huge headache, its a whole lot to learn. On the up side i feel like all the math will prepare me for college. Its a pretty big responsibility having to deal with administrative duties in the mission. This week ive been studying alot about tithing. Its a principale that before the mission I really didn’t understand but now its really important. I’m not just dealing with money im dealing with the sacrifices real people have made just to be obedient. I’m trying to save every peso to make those sacrifices  go to the best use posible.
Other than the office work I’ve been working hard in the field as well. Weve only got a few hours every day to work so its precious time. We make every appointment count. We work withthe members everyday and thats been really fulfilling. A lot of the investigators we have have not been progressing but we try to find new people everyday. This week we started teaching a chinese couple, they almost dont speak any spanish so thats been a challenge. Luckily we are able to print off all kinds of material in chinese to help them . I’ve attached some random pics for yall as well. Here’s me at my desk. With my companion elder meruvia, and my trainer elder himes. also my view at night time. I love you all and hope all is well

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