March 17, 2014

How are yall doing? Ive been doing great here this week its been raining everyday so i invested in a new umbrella. This week we had the priveledge to talk to a priest and 2 pastors. Those were interesting expiriences. It wasnt a good teaching opportunity because they just wanted to debate. We did our best though. We learned a lot from those events. I learned that we just need to teach with the spirit and if the people want to change they will but if not there is nothing we can do. I asked the adventist if Christ himself came and told him that what we were teaching were true if he would believe. He told me that he wouldnt believe Him. You can deny Elder Sawyer but denying Christ is not logical. It made me think about the milenium when christ is king but still some people wont believe him. Other than that we also went to the temple with our investigators. That was a great trip. The sisters gave us a tour and showed them around. The really loved it. We are just waiting until they get married so they can get baptised. Thats about all this week. I love you all.

Elder Sawyer.



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