March 10, 2014

How have things been going? Today we had a great day. weve been talking alot with a great member who is a lawyer to help us out with marriage questions. He took us to the center of bogota today to look at some things in a notary. It all worked out perfectly and it looks like we will have a marriage and baptisms in these upcoming weeks. We are pretty excited about that. We also took a tour around the center of bogota. Things we saw. Tallest building in bogota, the bull fighting stadium, the white house and other gov buildings, We also found a really cheap place to buy ties for 2 dollars. I bought two new ties. That was all we did today but it was well worth it. Weve been working hard here in villa maria. Lots of knocking on doors and contacting people. Its been fun and weve found some great, some interesting, and awesome crazy people. This week it looks like we will have conferences with president and the area president so we are pretty excited. Well thats about all ive got. Keep reading the book of mormon. I love you all and ill talk to you next week.

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