March 3, 2014

Hello family. How are yall doing? This morning i got a good feel of the move that you guys just went through. We helped a family move to set up a sewing and dress shop. I never knoew that sewing machines were so heavy. It was work. We then went and played a little bit of soccer. Then we went to subway and came to write. Im gonna cut my hair after this as well- Thats gonna be our pday.  Weve had  good week this week. The family i sent yall a picture of are really progressing. they are preparing to get married and then to get baptised on the 22 of march. Its pretty weird to think tht we are already in march time is going by way too fast. Tis week weve spent a whole lot of time knocking on doors looking for new pople so its been interesting. Heard lots of insults and lots of slamming doors but we had a little bit of success. Thats about all that happened in the week. Its been raning pretty much every day so thats a weather update for you guys. I love you all and ill write yall soon.

Elder Sawyer

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