February 3, 2014

I feel like ive gotten a little lazy on my letters so ill try to give you guys a good one today. Ive also got millions of fotos to send but its hard to find a computer that has an sd card slot. Im doing great here in bogota.We had a good week this week. As district leader i was planning on going on some exchanges this week so i went over to the ward of Jordan with Elder Lara. Hes a good friend of mine so we had a good day over there. The next day we had exchanges with the zone leaders so I spent another day outside of my area in Suba with elder Pratt. It was pretty fun. We had a good day working over there and speaking some english. When we finished the day we got back to the apartment but elder pratt had left the keys in the house. Thakfully the window was open but it was on the second floor. We got lucky though, some gangstrs were walking by and asked us if we needed help. They told us that they do it all the time to break into houses….. they boosted me up and i crawled through the window. Needless to say he started closing the windows after that. We also celebrated our gringo day and ordered dominos pizza. It was delicious. After those advertures I returned to my area, villa maria. We are doing great work here. We are rescuing a lot of less active members. We are also teaching a great family of five that are preparing to get baptised the first of march. They came to church on sunday and loved it. They are super awesome. Hmm today for our pday we went and played soccer on a grass field with the zone, Another gringo and I made a dynamic duo and scored pretty much all the goals so that was satisfying. The other elders in our house aren’t home and they’ve got the keys so that’s why we came to internet early. Other than that im doing great and loving the mission. I love and miss you all.

Elder Sawyer

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