December 17, 2013

So first off ill explain why im writing on a tuesday. My two companions and I hadnt been to the temple in a long time (for me its been over a year) so we decided to go. Seeing as the temple here is closed on mondays we changed our pday for a tuesday. We started out the day going to temple and we had about a hour long bus ride. It was a pretty small city bus but i think we packed about 500 people in there. It was miserable. We finally got to the temple and it was a great experience I loved it. You can feel the spirit so strong there.We did a session in the temple and then went to the distribucion center. I bought a few church movies and some other things. We then came back, ate KFC and took a nap. This whole week ive still been working in a trio but it ends today. Tonight my companion gets back so itll be back to normal work. Sorry im slow in writing this week. Im tryin to figure out how to send my fotos.. Thats all ive got for now. Ill talk to yall later.


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