December 3, 2013

Im here in Bogota!!!!! We left cucuta at 4 in the afternoon and after driving all through the night, getting searched by the police, the bus breaking down, and scrambling to find a new bus we made it to Bogota at 10 in the morning. It was an adventure. We got here and I met my companion, his name is elder chevedo and he is from ecuador. I was with him in cucuta and bucaramnga so i already know him pretty well.He´s a good elder. Unfortunately he´s got a pretty bad flu today so we were stuck in the house today. Its really really really cold here. After so much time in hot weather its hit me hard. Ita about 60 degrees but for me im freezing. Im gonna have to buy some sweaters to stay warm. Today we had lunch with the Bishop anmd his family and it was greta to get to know them. They are really nice and it was a great lunch. This area is a lot wealthier than any of my other areas so thatll be really different. Im excited to be able to work here. We also can go to the temple so thatll be awesome. We are going to have a few challenges because we are both new here and are pretty lost. Im not even sure how to get back to the house from this internet… On the bright side we have hot water so thats a nice luxury that ive missed. Hmm Ive got some fotos to send yall but this comptuer is way old so itll have to wat for next week. Im really excited to be here and im looking forward to a lot of successes. I love and miss you all, MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Elder Sawyer

PS. At least ive been conditioned to living in a house without heating…


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