November 18, 2013

How are y’all doing in the beautiful NW? I’m about to complete about 6 months here in cucuta so that’s pretty exciting. I really like it here but when we get to the next transfers im ready for a change. One disappointment this week was that the baptism we had planned for last Saturday didn’t work out. She had an emergency at work and couldn’t make it. We had to reschedule for this Saturday and we are praying that it’ll work out. We also have two other baptisms scheduled for the end of this month. We have started working a lot with the leaders of the ward to help us with the work and that has been really rewarding. In regards to the food this week…. I ate boiled chicken feet, it was miserable. I also had cow stomach soup but that tastes like squid so its not too bad. We are also supposedly in winter here but its still usually 90 degrees. Just with a lot of rain. Im looking forward to Christmas, we are starting to see alot of decorations and some music. Questions???

Elder Sawyer
The Bishop
News From Seattle

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