November 11, 2013

Hello everybody,

Greetings from colombia. Its been a good week this week. It was a little slow because my companion and I were a little sick but we made the best of it. Im really excited for this week cause weve got a baptism. We have been teaching her for about a month and she is really ready for the gospel. She had a dream where she was in a huge house with only locked doors and she didnt know where to go. She saw all kinds of priests pastors, and religious people. They werent able to help her though. Then she saw us, or two missionaries and they opened the door for her. She is awesome and really is prepared. We are also working alot with the less active families in this ward. We are having a lot of success teaching. Its great to talk about eternal families and feel how much God loves these people. He is doing so many miracles for us every single day. I love you all and im doing great here in aeropuerto.
Elder Sawyer

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