October 14, 2013

Hello family,

I’m still writing you guys from Cucuta. Although this could be my last week here because we’ve got transfers next week. I’m still loving my time here though. Today we played soccer for about 5 hours so I’m pretty badly sunburnt and exhausted but we’ve got work to do tonight so no time to rest. This week was a great week for us. We were able to have exchanges with the zone leaders and that was a really fun day. Its always great just to have a day with a gringo. Its fun to talk in English. I’m a little bit worried cause I’m starting to forget some words… If i get home speaking Spanish its because I’ve forgotten English.  One thing i spent a lot of time studying this week was the atonement. I was thinking about how we despise the Jews and the roman soldiers for the terrible things they did to the Savior and all the pain they caused Him. It made me think about our own lives. When we sin or disobey the commandments we are basically doing the same thing. He has to suffer and pay the price for our actions. That’s a thought that’s been helping me stay on the right path. If we willingly disobey the commandments we are guilty of causing that same pain and suffering to our savior. That was pretty much all i was studying this week. Just how great the Lords atonement is. It covers everything. I invite y’all to study that this week and try to apply it into your lives.

Elder Sawyer

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