September 30, 2013

Hello and greetings from Colombia,

Its been a great week this week. To start things off we had the baptism of Andrea, we have been teaching her for a long long time and she finally entered into the waters of baptism this Saturday. That was a great moment. It was really cool to see her so happy and to see the ward supporting her as well. We also had a conference with our mission president this Thursday and we learned a whole lot. There are a whole lot of changes coming for the mission work. Its pretty exciting. I also got your letters and my package. Thank you. Mom, your letter for my Colombian friends arrived just in time. The sister it was for was in the hospital this week and it cheered her up a lot. Also i was pretty impressed by your Spanish. Well thats about all that happened this week. Im still doing great here in cucuta. Im really looking forward to conference this weekend. Itll be great to hear what the prophets have to say to us. Also if you guys have any friends that want to talk to the missionaries talk to your ward mission leader and go visit them. How are things going in the United States?
Con muchisimo amor, Elder Sawyer
Ive got a homework assignment for you guys. Id like you to prepare Bandeja Paisa. Look it up on internet and try to make it. Send me pictures and let me know how it goes.

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