August 19, 2013

Greetings from Aeropuerto Cucuta,

Im still alive and doing great here in cucuta. Its been super hot this week but thats the usual here.Hmm i cant really think of anything that sammamish and cucuta have in common. Cucuta is hot and dry, sammamish is wet and cold. Cucuta is poor sammamish no. Sammamish has normal house cucuta no. Water and no water. Im starting to think they are pretty much complete opposites. I love cucuta though. The people here are so nice.  We had an interesting week this week. It was pretty depressing because the 3 baptismal dates we had all fell through but we’ve just got to keep working and press forward. In the middle of the rough patch we had a great time this week finding new people to teach. We found some people that can really progress. Im really enjoying my time here in this ward. The members here are really great and are a great help for us. What im not in love with here in cucuta is the food. Its rice and chicken pretty much everyday, im startinf to have nightmares involving rice. Other that that im doing good. Im never really sure what to write about sooooo any questions for me?
Elder Sawyer

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