July 22, 2013

Greetings from Cucuta.  Im still doing good here in cucuta. Its been about 100 degrees this week so thats been rough but it was a good week. We are working every day with different ward members so thats been really fun. We also had a service project digging a lot of holes.

I sure wish i had my bike here. Sometimes when we get back to the house i am just dead tired from all the walkiing. The miracle is that i wake up completely refreshed. I hope youve been practicing your spanish so we can speak a foreign language when i get back. About frying food. Pretty much everything is fried here… im getting used to cooking everything in oil, its delicious. The work is good here in cucuta. We have another baptism for this next saturday so thats exciting. Ive almost been gone for a year, can you believe that?? time flys by.

I’m doing great here in south america. Its pretty much a paradise. My favorite fruits are maracuya, guanabana, and grandadiya. look them up… im not sure if i spelled them right though…. please forgive all my spelling errors im writing fast cause im just about out of time. … Well thats about all ive got. Love and miss you.

Elder Sawyer


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