July 8, 2013

Hello family and friends,

Im still doing great here in Cucuta. Its still been really hot but ive been getting used to it. We had a great week this week. We had a baptism here and that was really good. A different missionary has the pictures so ill have to send them next week. That was a great night for us. We had a whole lot of ward members go as well so that was great to see the support they had for her. This week we also had a lot of days working with the different members in this ward and thats been really fun. We are working with a lot of the youth so they can prepare and get excited about going on a mission. We also had a 4th of july dinner with a member here. He loves the United States. Thats a picture of his room that i sent you. It was great to listen to the nation anthem and eat hamburgers, i almost felt like i was home. Weve got a good group of people we are teaching and im looking forward to working more in this area. Thats about all ive got this week. Let me know if youve got any questions for me.
Elder Sawyer


 Cucuta Cucuta

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