June 24, 2013

Greetings from Cúcuta.

Sorry i didnt have time to write the last monday, it was a few crazy days. So i left Bucaramanga in the afternoon and took the 8 hour bus ride to Cúcuta. The bus ride was pretty boring but the movie zookeeper was playing and although i couldnt hear anything i liked it. Best movie (only movie) ive seen in 9 months. All the buses come equipped with a very small tv in the very front for the comfort of the passengers… Its almost always playing soap operas but i got lucky. I got to Cúcuta at about 9 in the night and went and spent the night with The zone leaders. My first zone leader (elder Boyd) is my zone leader again. The next morning i went to my area. Aeropuerto cucuta. If you look up cucuta on google maps, find the airport and zoom out thats my area. My companion is elder Mielnikowitz from argentina. Hes only got about 2 months in the mission so hes pretty new. Hes a good guy. I dont want to lie and say cucuta is a beautiful city… its pretty ugly. Its extremly hot, dry and dusty. Its pretty much always in the 90s here. Its right oin the border of venezuela and so everything is imported. Gas goes for about 1 dollar a gallon and food is even cheaper. All the cars have venezuela plates as well because they all come from there. My area connects with the border but i dont think ill every go over there. Everybody always talks about how gringos aren’t treated well there…. Im looking forward to being here. Although the city isnt very nice, the people are amazing. We have a lot of help from the bishop and the members are good as well. Thats all the news ive got right now. Love and miss you all.
Elder Sawyer
Church in Los Pinos

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