June 3, 2013

How are ya’ll doing? I’m still doing great here in Bucaramanga. Doing great but soaking wet. Its been raining pretty much every day this week. That’s been a little bit annoying to deal with but we keep pressing on. One of our investigators here gave us some ants to eat and i really wanted to send them to you but i think they will go bad. Ill have to eat them by myself, they really do taste like popcorn. Hmm I’m trying to think of what else interesting happened this week. We did a whole lot climbing up mountains to teach the people out in the boonies so my legs hurt a lot but some great experiences up there. We have a baptism planned for this saturday, a 20 year old girl we are teaching. She is great and really has a desire to change her life. I’m looking forward to that. Today for our P-day we went to play soccer in the morning, got pretty sunburned, then went and ate a the new subway. Here in the local mall its a mini car show and they have a 65 mustang. I was pretty excited to see that. I took a picture and ill send that soon. Well that’s about all I’ve got to say for now. Love and miss you.

Eler Sawyer
ps, I finally got my birthday package thank you, and a leetter from tessa also



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