May 27, 2013

Hola mi querido familia y amigos,

     YO estoy escuchando algunos chismes que ustedes no les gustan cuando yo digo super, no importa, es una palabra que yo uso casi todas mis días aquí. Translate that. Im doing great here in los Pinos. We had two baptism this last weekend, two kids whos parents are less active. They are great kids and im sure that they will be examples to their parents. That was a great expirience for us as well as the ward. We have also got some other great people who are progressing really well, but like always the problem is getting them to go to church on sunday. Thats one of our biggest challenges here. Before i forget, happy birthday dad. I didnt really do anything special to celebrate but i was thinging about you. Ive been teaching a mechanic here and we talk alot about cars and he said hes gonna try to get me tickets to a car show that coming up soon. Hopefully its on amonday or we cant go… That would be pretty fun though. I dont see a lot of nice cars down here but the nice people make up for it. We had our ward conference this week and it was really good. A lot of great mesages about the obidience. (please forgive my spelling errors) Today for my pday i made a gringo hamburge and it was delicious. Just meat cheese onions bread and sauce. Im not a huge fan of hamburgers with meat, chicken, lettuce, tomato, egg, pineapple, tuna, onion, and aquacate…. its a lot of stuff. Well thats about all ive got to say for this week. I love and miss you all.
Elder Sawyer

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