May 20, 2013

Hello family and friends,

Well this week was a pretty exciting week. Its  been raining super hard here. Pretty much every single day… Its been fun, lots of walking with umbrellas. The weather here is crazy, one minute its super hot and the next its a downpour, it changes super fast. We had about a two and a half hour appointment this week just cause we couldn’t leave the house cause it was raining so hard. Other than the weather we had a good week.
First off i want to say happy birthday mom. I bought  a cake to celebrate your birthday for you. Happy birthday. Happy birthday to dad as well.
We had a great time this week visiting the jungles of our area to visit the families that live super far away. We found some places that we didn’t know existed. Ill send some pictures of the forests of colombia a little bit later. We had some great visits with less active members this week. I’m having a great time here in colombia and for about the first time in my 8 months here i haven’t felt sick to my stomach this week. Well that’s about all i’ve got for you guys this week.
Love and miss you all.Elder Sawyer

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