May 6, 2013

I DIDNT GET TRANSFERED. That was great to hear last night. Elder Carillo and Elder Molina from my district got their visas so they will be going to Argentina but other than that we are still the same. Im super excited for the chance for more time here in Pinos. I love it here. We’ve also still got a whole lot of work left to do here. Ill be working in a trio with Elder Ramsey and elder Charca until a new companion comes for Ramsey. It’ll be a big temptation to not speak English all the time so i hope his companion comes soon. Well im happy with that and this week was pretty good for us. We were able to find quiet a few people to teach as well as have a lot of great opportunities to teach. I decided to cancel our English class this week and that was a little sad. But it was becoming a waste of time, maybe someday itll work out. It was super fun while it lasted. I had been teaching for the last 2 months or so. Well I’m not exactly sure what else to say this week. I’m still happy, healthy and enjoying myself here. I’m looking forward to my birthday but more excited for Sunday when I can talk to you all. That’s about all I’ve got this week. I love and miss you all.

Elder Sawyer

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