April 22, 2013

Hola familia, amigos, and amigas,

Bueno, primero esta semana fue mas o menos bien. Tuvimos mucho éxito y algunos muy bueno lecciones  También estábamos capaces para encontrar nueva personas para ensenar.  Mira, yo se espanol. So yeah it was a good week for us. We had a great time working with two of the youth of this ward who are leaving on missions soon and they helped us out alot. The only bad news is that our baptism didnt work out this saturday and had to postpone it for this saturday. We have faith that it’ll work out. Today we had a super p-day with all the missionaries of Bucaramanga and Barancabermeja. It was awesome. We went to a park and played soccer all day then had a bbq and then a little conference with president. It was a good day. The only problem was that my legs haven’t been exposed to the sun in about 7 months so I’m super burnt. Its pretty painful but ill survive. Well that’s about all I’ve got to say this week. ¿Questions? I’m doing good and love and miss you all.
Elder Sawyer
Lots of climbing in Bucaramanga

Lots of climbing in Bucaramanga


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