April 8, 2013

I had a pretty rough flu this week but that was about the only bad thing that happened. Other than almost dying of that runny nose and sore throat we had a great week this week. Conference was amazing, and even though it was the end of the week i want to start with that. I was able to watch almost all of conference in english with the other gringos in my zone. It was great. I watched two sessions in spanish and was able to understand it but it just really wasn’t the same. I’m looking forward to getting the liahona soon so I can reread all the talks. I really loved the talk of elder Holland. Its always something super powerful. Our investigator Mikah, who will be baptized the 20th was there as well and she loved it. She brought two friends and her kids. Shes super ready for the gospel and baptism as well. Its amazing how the Lord really prepares people for this change in their lives. Last night i couldn’t sleep because i was too busy worrying about all the people that we are teaching and that was a great experience for me. When doing the lords work you gain a love for everybody no matter what their background is. We are planning to have 4 baptisms this 20th. We are almost positive that Mikah will work out and the other 4 are pretty close as well. I’m also starting to work things out with my companion so that’s great. We are getting along really good now. Well that’s about all I’ve got for this week. I’m doing great here and i love and miss you all.

Elder Sawyer
p.s. Yesterday for lunch i ate ginea pig and intestines…. it was surprisingly good.



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