March 25, 2013

So i just finished my first transfer here in Pinos.  Last night i was super nervous cause i thought for sure i would be transferred but when the call came in it ended up that elder Charcha and i would both be staying here for another transfer. I was super happy about that because i love it here and we’ve still got a whole lot of work to do here. I’m still not getting along very well with my companion but i figure that’s why we are still together so we can work things out.  Also the mission president gave us special permission to check Facebook and post about the church today so i may or may not have spent a lot of my time on that. We had a whole lot of success in a little neighborhood this week. It’s super far away and pretty small but i feel like at this point we are teaching about half the people that live there.  Its pretty amazing, almost every time we go up there we find a new person to teach. This week all of Colombia is pretty much shut down for the catholic holy day semana santa, so I’m not sure if we will have a lot of success this week. I’m doing great out here and love and miss you all.


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