March 18, 2013

Buenas noches Familia y Amigos,

Well Im gonna keep this letter pretty short because i want to try to write people more individual letters and also because Im almost out of time and also because this week was relaitively boring.  Pues, like i just said this week was pretty slow. I didn’t really have many crazy experiences  Well i guess it was pretty good now that i think about it. So ill start with yesterday. We had 5 of our investigators go to church including a lady who hasn’t been for thirty years. We also had a family go that we’ve been teaching, This family is super awesome. They are super ready for the gospel and they loved church on Sunday. I’m pretty positive that they will end up getting baptized but lets wait and see. We also had a great meeting  with Elder Nash of the quorum of the 70 so that was a great learning experience  Today for p-day we went and raced in go karts and mini motorcycles. I won so that was pretty fun. I also had a rabbit pee on me twice this week. That’s about ill ive got to say to yall for now. Love and miss you all.
Elder Sawyer126_0394 126_0392
126_0363 126_0364 126_0366 126_0380 126_0391 126_0417

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