February 18, 2013

One week i want to write a letter in all spanish and see what google translate thinks im saying. But ill save that experiment for a different day. So this week was pretty crazy, we had a emergency transfer and elder ojeda got moved to bogota. We found out on wednesday morning and it was a little sad but i was just glad i wasn’t getting transferred  But Wednesday night president called and said i was going with Ojeda and then meeting my comp in the terminal to come back to Bucaramanga. So Wednesday night we both headed to Bogota  It was a 9 hour bus ride through the middle of the night so i slept the whole time. The police stopped our bus at 2 in the morning asking for papers so that was a little inconvenient  We got to Bogota at 8 in the morning and then i met my new comp and we headed back. It was about 19 hours in bus in 24 hours so that was pretty rough. But it was a fun trip. My new companion is elder Charca from Peru  He lives in the middle of lake Titicaca on a floating island. Its pretty crazy, google it and tell me what you think. Hes pretty cool. Hes been in the mission for 3 months so I’m the senior companion. Its a little strange to be in charge cause but i think it’ll be good for me. We had a pretty good week this week. We are working really hard with some siblings who are progressing super well. We had a really cool experience this week. While we were planning I had a super strong impression that we needed to visit the aforementioned siblings at 2. We had a scheduled appointment at 7 but we changed it. We tried calling them but they didn’t answer. We showed up to there house at 2 and they were super surprised. They said they had been calling to try to change the appointment for two because they were busy in the night. We ended up`having a super good lesson with them. That was a super cool experience  We are also receiving a lot of help from the ward so that’s really awesome. Well that’s about all for this week. I love and miss you all.

Love Elder Sawyer
Ps, a member of the bishopric and his family took us to a restaurant for lunch on sunday so that was super strange but what am i supposed to do

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