February 11, 2013

Hola familia y amigos.

So im here in week 2 in los pinos. I think at this point we have gotten to know the area. This week we learned that a part of our area is literally 2 mountains away. Its about a 1.5 hour walk so its always gonna be a taxi or bus ride. Also almost all of our investigators are in that area so thatll be fun. But its all good. Actually all the investigators up there are super cool. We got two baptism dates and they are progressing super well. We are using a lot of help from members who have cars. We have about 2 or three to work with. Ive been thinking alot about how much we take our cars for granted in the united states. Here its a huge deal to have a car and the few members that have cars are more than willing to drive us places. The ward here helps us out so much its awesome. This week we got searched and questioned by the colombian police. That was a fun expirienc for the journal. So it was a thursday mornign and we were going to help a sister with a service project in street clothes. We got to her house but she wasnt there so we waited on the curb. We were waiting for about 15 minutes when somebody called the cops on us. Two policemen showed up on motorcicyles and told us to put our hands up and ave us a pat down. Then they asked us for our papers…. That was the problem, we had left our papers in the house because we left in a hurry. They started getting pretty angry that we didnt have papers and at one point they asked a question that i didnt understand so i said yes and my companion sad no. That was pretty suspicious. We then called the elders that live with us and had them bring our papers. When they showed up it all worked out. We got sclded one last time and they left. I almost ended up in colombian prison. That same day we also saw somebody steal a moto. So that was a pretty exciting day. Thats about all ive got to say for this week. I love and miss you all.
Con amor Elder Sawyer



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