February 4, 2013


So ive just finished week one here in los pinos. It was a pretty solid week. It was a little slow because the elders before us didnt leave us with much to work with but we made the best of it. We got to know the families in the ward and our leaders as well. This ward here is super supportive and they help us out a lot. We spent about 3 hours in ward council talking about how they can help us here. We also met with the few investigators we have as well. One of them is an older couple that had the chance to visit temple square and general conference. If they arent ready for baptism after hearing the words of the prophet they probably wont ever be. They are super nice and friendly. One man in this ward lived in redmond for 3 years. About 10 minutes from our house so that was pretty crazy to hear. We talked about washington and how its the best place ever. Hes going to help us teach english classes so i think thatll be a good way for us to open doors. Well the work here is just getting started but its looking promising. Im still healty and doing good. Not fighting with the comp but some insect bit me in the eyelid last night so it looks like i got hit in the face. Its pretty entertaining. All the elders in my house had a good laugh. Well thats about it for this week.

Con amor Elder Sawyer

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