January 29, 2013


As you can tell by the title we had transfers. During the whole day Sunday my com.p was super nervous about the transfers and was super scared. As for me, i felt perfectly calm and strangely peaceful. I figured this was because i was going to stay in the Cumbre. On Sunday we said goodbye to all our our friends, families, and investigators. It was a little sad. Lots of the hermanas were crying. It was a pretty solemn day but we made the best of it. We had some great experiences with the people of Cumbre. We were also able to find 4 new investigators so that was cool. When we got back to the house Sunday night we started packing our things while waiting anxiously for the phone call. When the call came in i still felt super calm so i was sure i would stay in the Cumbre. I thought for sure the spirit was reassuring my soul that id stay. Then the zone leaders said i was gonna have to take the long 10 minute taxi ride to the other zone here in Bucaramanga. I’m currently in the area Pinos in the Bucaramanga stake. I was a little sad at first but then i realized that this is where God needs me to be so i cant really complain with that. He knows much much much more than i do. So yeah, Im here in Pinos with my companion Elder Ojeda from Bolivia. Don’t tell him this but i have no idea where Bolivia is and I’m too ashamed to ask. I know its here in south America but no idea where. Hes got 2 transfers left in the mission so I’m hoping he’s not super trunky.  Trunky is a mission term where you always are thinking about your house, girlfriend, and other worldy things. Hes pretty cool though, I don’t know him very well yet but we will be living together for 8 weeks so hopefully we get along. This transfer is 8 weeks instead of 6 to make up for the change in the MTC. We live with another companionship in our apt. Elder Franco from Baranquilla, Colombia who was in the same MTC group as me, and Elder Ramsey from California, a dodgers fan, so unfortunately I wont be able to talk to him. Well that’s about it for this week. Its kinda weird to be here in my new area because its more like a city, big buildings and all that. Its way different than Cumbre. I love and miss you all.

Elder Sawyer

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