January 14, 2013


So im still alive here in colombia. So far no problems with the drug cartel or anything like that. I did hear at lunch the other day how Pablo Escobar wasnt a bad person, many colombians love him. This week was a good week. I think it was one of the hottest weeks ive had in colombia, today was the first day this week with clouds and it rained super hard. It started raining when we were on the top of a mouintain but ill get to that later. This week was good, way better than last week. We had a bunch of super good lessons, 10 of our investigators came to church, we met new investigators, and i started collecting dinosaur stickers. We started teaching a super cool family this week, familia lopez. It started out with one girl who wanted to talk to us, later she introduced us to hr sister, later her brother and then her uncle. Now we are teaching all of them. We invited them to pray and ask God about the things we taught and dianna had an awesome expirence. She prayed and that night she had a dream. In that dream she say us, the missionarys, dressed in all white sitting at a huge table covered with food, she then heard a voice that said, “these are my servants, i need you to serve them” That was super awesome. She is ready but is lacking marriage. We are helping them get ready for marriage but the situation is complicated. The whole family is so nice and very receptive. Also as a brief sidenote, dianna hasnt stopped giving us food every appointment so thats cool. SO this morning we climbed a mountain here in the Cumbre. It was cool. We went with a family here in the ward and my companion and i got to take the dogs. At the top we had an amazing view of bucaramnaga but then it started pouring. We practcally ran down the mtn. Thats all for this week. I love you all.

Elder Sawyer

PS. WE have little chocolates here for 300 pesos and they all come with a dinosaur sticker. From what i can tell its more than 300 stickers but i plan on collecting all of them.Wish me luck.


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