January 7, 2013

Hola mi querido amigos,

So to be honest this week has been pretty rough. I feel like every appt we set is either cancelled or we show up and nobody is there. This is especially rough when we go to one side of our area and climb up all this hills and arrive…. to nobody home. A quick side-note, i found out that cumbre is the summit of a mountain so tha’ts where the name comes from. this is hill country. Yeah.. so this week was a bit disheartening. To add to the sorrow the investigators that we have appear to have all deicded to stop progressing and in fact move backward. That’s been one of the hardest parts. Especially with one family, they know so much about the gospel but they wont act. They even said “i know we need to read and pray but we just cant do it” They are a bit scared to receive an answer because they know it will represent a change in their lives. Its pretty tough. This week wasn’t all bad though. Some of the highlights were a wedding of a young couple in our ward. The mom of the daughter claims the few words i said were revelation but to be honest i cant really remember what i said or if it was even good spanish. That was pretty cool though. We also had a conference with Presidente Andellin and that was awesome, he is such a powerful speaker. I saw probably close to 1 million leaf cutter ants, it was a pheonomonon that was straight out of planet earth, pretty cool. I can speak Spanish so thats good. Well this letter is a little short but that’s about all that happened this week. I love and miss you all.

Elder Sawyer
ps. I know this letter is a little sad and depressing, but i know that it will get better and that i have a lot to learn form this experience.
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