December 31, 2012

Buenas Dias,

The festivities here are almost over, thank goodness. The pst 2-3 weeks have been super slow and a little unproductive. We walk to one side of our area and they arent home, then we walk to the other side of our area and they dont have time. Its a bit discouraging but we are still having progress. One of the best parts of this week was the wedding of Hmo y hma mendez. They finally got married and it was an awesome ceremony. The notary here in bucaramanga is a member of the church and he officiated th e marriage and it was way cool. He emphasised eternal marriage and the temple so that was great fpr the non members in attendance and for the couple as well. Ive attached a few photos . The wedding was in our stake center and we helped set it all up. Luz dari has plans to be baptized on the 15th so thats exciting. Im pretty sure itlkl work out. We also had a good christmas here as well. It was great to be able to skype with you guys on christmas. We had a christmas dinner in the house of hma marita and it was really good. Im not excatly sure what we ate but it was kinda like bbq ribs and mashed potatoes. Spèaking of po-ta-toes im seeing the hobbit for sale on every street corner and im not gonna lie, its a bit of a temptation, but ill survive. Also for a lunch this week i ate cow stomach….. it wasn’t too bad. It was in soup form and kinda has the same flavor as squid. Its a bit strange though. As for missionary work thats going along well. We have 8 inv with baptismal dates right now and im hoping they all work out. The hardest thing for us is to get inv to keep commitments… but its all good. Well thats about all for now. I love and miss you all.
Elder Sawyer



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