December 17, 2012

Wow, So i just finished my first transfer in the mission. (A transfer is a period of 6 weeks and at the end all the changes of area happen) Last night my companion and i were waiting around the phone until the call came in. Thankfully we’ve both still got some more time in the cumbre. A few elders in our zone hvae been transferred but we are staying here .Im super glad because I love this area. The people here are super awesome and our investigators are progressing super well. It would be super sad if i had to leave. This was a great week for us, we found a few new investigators, taught some awesome lessons, i spoke a lot more spanish, and two colombian women proposed to me. The last part isn’t really that important but it was pretty funny. So the highlight of this week was probablñy yesterday at church. We’ve been working with the vega family for a while but its super hard to talk to them all cause they always work. Its the mom dad and 3 kids. They are all super receptive but have trouble with commitments. As my companion and i were waiting in our church building on sunday morning we saw them pull up in a taxi and right behind them the flores family (a less active family that we are working super hard with) pulled up as well. It was really great to see them at church. The members were super awesome to both familys and they both were really happy. Afterwards we visited them both and they told us how much they enjoyed it and what they learned. Tonight we are having a family home evening with the vega family and im really looking forward to it. It seems impossible that time goes by this fast.I cant believe its almost christmas. It literally feels like just yesterday i was going into the mtc and now im almost 4 months into my mission. Ive also been a little bit sick this week with an upset stomach but its not bad. Im taking my vitamins so it’ll all work out. Umm im not really sure what else to write about. I bought myself a fútbol jersey of colombia as a christmas present so i think im pretty much a local now. I also ordered a hamburger through our cell phone and i know that’s not a huge deal but the fact that the man understood me and i knew what was going on was pretty exciting for me. Also im now able to converse with relatively no problems so that’s pretty exciting. Well im still alive and doing well. Im looking forward to christmas.

Love and miss you all. -Elder Sawyer
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!   A mumsettia from Seattle


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