December 10, 2012

I’m not even sure where to start with this email. Its a safe bet to say that this has been one of the craziest, funnest, tiring, and stressful weeks of my life. Here’s a list of all the things we did… Had three exchanges with other elders. One day i was with one of our zone leader Elder Boyd from idaho, the next day i was with a peruviano (elder velasquez) whom i couldn’t understand at all, and the last day i was with elder sorenson a fellow gringo who has 6 days left in the mission. The missionaries hosted a culture night, choir and a night of baptisms on saturday. We cooked from from our countries and gave a presentations. The missionaries and the choir of the bucaramanga stake sang christmas songs and then we ended the night with 8 baptisms. None of my investigators yet but i’m getting there. We rented a field and played micro futbol, I played with a monkey, i taught an english class, and this sunday i gave my first talk in sacrament meeting. We also sang christmas songs on a street corner. I was also offered coffee by a member during exchanges.. Ill start with that story cause its pretty funny. So elder sorenson has a family in his ward and we had lunch with them during exchanges. They were talking to him and trying to convince him that before he leaves he needs to try colombian coffee because its thew best in the world. I was shocked and he was super hesitant but had a little bit. They all then tried to convince me to drink it but thankfully i said no, but it was super awkward. Then they told me it was all a joke.. They make a drink here from wheat that smells and tastes very much like coffee but doesn’t have the caffeine or other bad stuff. Its for members that are converts and have a hard time giving up coffee. Smells and i would presume tastes just like coffee though. So now a colombian family has a video of me very awkwardly declining their coffee and i think its been show to almost the entire stake.

Now ill start with the activity we had. It was awesome. The four gringos in my zone (me, elder boyd, elder francom, and elder sorenson) made pizzas in our sandwch makers. Its super simpole but muy rico. Its two pieces of bread pasta sauce, queso, and sausage. Put it all together and throw it inthe sandwhich maker and your set. Its way good. We made about 150 of these ans as soon as we let people into our rom they were gone in about 4 minutes. We also presented about why the US is the best country in the world and each spoke about our states. We then had a choir which was pretty shaky due to lack of practice but sounded decent. The crowning point of the night were the baptisms though. I think it was great that people were able to see them and had missionaries their to answer questions. This activity was the culmination of about a week of planning and work and it all worked out. We had about 250 people come to the stake enter.
Due to all the work and planning for this week our numbers were sper low but the good we did outweighs the lack of data. One expirence that i want to share is when i was with elder sorenson. we were meeting with a kid who has a baptism date and he was talking to the kid (victor)about baptism when about 5 kids came up to me wanting to speak to the gringo.. (this happens a lot and its awesome) We talked a little bit and i explained why im in colombia and what a mission is and then a little aboput the church. I invited them all to the activity so they could see ther efriend victor get baptised. Three of them came and one brought his family. The same kid that brought his fa,ily (pablo) also came to church and playued futbol with us todya so that was pretty cool.
Today for our pday we rented out a turf field and played soccer. That was cool and all but the highlight of the day was visiting a memebr that has a monkey. It was awesome. Im gonna do my best to bring one home with me.
Well thats about all. Im doing well and am healthy. Exctied to talk to yall on christmas. Love you all
-Elder Sawyer



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