December 3, 2012

I speak spanish!!! okay not really but I can at least carry a conversation with people now so i’m pretty excited. So this week was pretty good. We had a great week with our investigators and the members. I can only think of one downside and that was a lunch we had at a members house that was quite possibly the worst meal i’ve ever had. We had some sort of fish soup but it was more parts fish bone than soup. I cant complain about the food though its usually great. So not much to report this week. I want to share a really cool expirirence that we had though. So we’ve been working with this family of four here in bucaramanga. The husband is a member and they have two kids but the wife isn’t a member. However she has listened to all the leccions and wants to get baptized.. butttt they aren’t married. So we’ve been working to get a marriage date set so they can move forward with baptism and a eternal family but its been hard. They don’t seem very motivated., This last sunday Hmo Valdez (the husband) got up to bear his testimny. I was a little surprised cause hes not the most active in church. But he bore a super powerful testimony about eternal familes and then at the end he proposed over the pulpit and expressed how much he wants to get married and go to the temple with his wife. It was awesome. Afterwards they talked with the bishop and started moving forward with wedding plans and details. They have a date for the 15th and a baptism the following day. It was super exciting. I also got the chance to watch the devotional in spanish and that was way good. The choir was awesome. We also brought two investigators and i think they liked it as well. After looking over your notes that you sent me mom im pretty sure i understood almost all in spanish so thats good. We went to a mall today and it was super weird because a lot was just like the USA… strange. I ate subway. Well thats about all from colombia this week. I love you all. Merry Christmas.

Con amor- Elder Sawyer
Tessa and Carolina...Sisters!

Tessa and Carolina…Sisters!


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