November 26, 2012

The first thing I have to say is that dad said i hope you’re enjoying a mild climate… I dont know what you consider mild but im constantly drenched in sweat. Its usually 80-90 degrees. I guess if thats my only complaint though thats not too bad. This was a pretty good week. Elder villalba left us for baranca and so it was back to just me and elder valenzuela. We spent the week getting to know the area and contacting referrals from the ward. It was awesome. Our area is huge but that just means more work to do. The members here are super awesome and help us out a ton. Two older sisters in the ward have gone out with us the last two days and introduced us to a lot of the inactive families. Much like kennedy one of our goals is activating the inactive members here. That doesn’t mean we arent looking for investigators and over the course of this week we found 7 new investigators. We have an appointment with an investigator, nidia lopez, tonight and im really excited. She is super receptive and has a bunch of potential. For two days this week we did service as our zone for a family. I was told we were cleaning a floor or at least thats what i understood but apparently we were building a house. This family was super awesome and very spiritually and were living in a “house” that was falling apart. By my standards i wouldn’t even call it a house but here you make do with what you’ve got. Ill send pictures when i get them from the zoneleader. We completely tore out the floor. put in new supports and redid the walls with a window. It took 14 missionaries almost two whole days so it was work but also really fun. To truly understand you need pictures so ill make sure i send some soon. As for the rest of the week we just immersed ourselves in cumbre. A hermana in the ward who works in a salon cut my hair today and other than that i rested and napped a lot. Im gonna have to start working out here cause they feed us sooooo much food. Im worried im getting fat. Im doing well, im safe, im healthy, and im doing the Lords work.

Con amor- Elder Sawyer
ps. I saw a parrot in the trees yesterday
Here is a pic of service Since mom wants more info about the area and ward here ya go. Cumbre is super hot and hilly. Lots of trees and mountains. Its on the outskirts of bucaramanga and is split into multiple neighborhoods. My ward is really awesome. We have probably around 50 members and our class for new and investigators usually has about 6-10 people. The ward helps us a lot

Zander building a house in Bucaramanga


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