November 19, 2012

I cant believe im already 3 transfers into the mission. It honestly felsd like its only been 2. Okay heres my story. So we were in kennedy and i liked it there. I thought it was a relatively nice place. I had noticed a few shouts of gringo  but couldnt understand the rest. Apparently it was a little dangerous and the locals didnt really want me there. So my companio9n talked to the president and he decided to move us to central, another area in more central bucaramanga. So we packed up our things and moved. I was a little sad to leave kennedy but ill admit it feels kinda nice to not worry so much. So we moved to centra and were there for 3 days. We were living in a small apartment with 2 other companionships so things were a little crazy. We got to know the area and figured we would be staying there but on saturday we had interviews with president andellin and he told us we were moving once again. He moved us to the cumbra are in a different zone. Now im in the northern part of bucaramanga. Its a lot of change but president said that we will be here this whole transfer. We are currently in a tri with elder villaba from argentia who is hsowing us the area for a few days and then going to bogota. So its been pretty crazy. Overall im happy to be here though. Cumbra is a huge area that is on the side of a mountain so that means a lot and a lot of hills, and hills and hills. Its really tiring but overall its a cool area. Its a lot safer than kennedy. Weve only been here a day so i dont have much to report about the area or the peple. We have a really healthy ward and a nice building as well. Im looking forward to being avble to work in this area more. Love and miss all of you

Con amor- Elder sawyer

Colombian Tree


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