November 12, 2012

Hola Familia,

I just finished my first week here in the field and its been crazy. I have so much to talk about. So we left the mtc tuesday morning for the mission presidents home. It was a long drive through bogota but we arrived and had a nice lunch with the mission president and his wife. They are super nice and seem very helpful. I had my first email with the president and got to know him. We then went to the stake center in bogota where we found out our companions and our areas. We also recieved all our mail so i got all the letters that had been sent to me. Im still not sure how the mail system here work but i think i got everything. .. So muchas gracias. My companion for this first area is elder valenzuela from chile. Hes been out a little less than a month and speaks a little bit of english so thats helpful at times. Now onto the fun part. Our area is colombia is in the outskirts of the city bucaramanga and is called kennedy. We had to take a ten hour bus ride through the middle of the night to get here. That wasnt so bad cause the seats on the bus reclined and i slept pretty much the entire time. Our area here is very poor, both physically and spiritually. Its a very large area but they only have a very small branch. Only about 13 members are active and we have about 100 people who are inactive. Among those nactive are the 1st and 2nd counsleors in the branch presidency. However, the membersd are super good people and they want to help us. They have had issues with the missionaries in the past so they were a little distrusting at first. My companion and i dedcied we need to focus on reactiviating people because thats what the branch needs. This first weeek weve been getting to know the area and introducing ourselves to the members and a few of the less active members as well. The people here are so nice, i can tell they dont have a lot of money but they always will buy us sodas or give us juice when we sit down to talk. Us in the states have a lot we can learn from them. Weve had lunch with the members everyday and its always a huge meal. The food is gennerally reaslly good bt if not i eat it anyway. Lots and lots of rice. Even though we are just working with members we have been ble to find 6 investigators already. So i know the lord will help us out. There are rumors that this area is a little dangerous but the only danger i can see is emotional scarring from everyone calling me gringo, but i kinda like it though, it gives me something to talk about. I think that s abut it fior this week. Ill try to attach some ictures if possible I cant see whic picturwes im sending so its just a random sample hopefully its a few good ones. Im healthy and doing great in cse you were worring mom.

Love Elder Sawyer

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