October 31, 2012

So ive only got 5 more days in the ccm. Im definately not as prepared as i need to be but im ready to get out there and do the work ive been called o do. The spanish is passable but im still having a lot of trouble understanding people. Yesterday me and my companion went contacting on the street for an hour. This was the first time i went contacting with a non native companion and it had some challenges. We were able to talk to people alright but sometimes we didnt know what they said. Almost all of the people we talked to were really nice though. We only had an hour out in this plaza but we were able to get 2 refferals for the missionarys and handed out a bunch of pamphlets. Overall the rest of this week has been a little slow. We are all just excited to get out of here. Its been about nine weeks in the mtc system and im ready to leave. Sorry this letter is rather short but my time is really short this week. Im looking forward to next week in the field when i can send yall some pictures. I believe my first pday will be not this monday but the next one. Carolina wanted me to write in spanish so ill give it a shot. Just dont critique my grammar because its not my strong point. Hola mi famila, como estan? Yo tengo cinco mad dias hasta yo voy el campo. Mi espanol es muy mal pero esta bien. Yo puedo entender mas o menos. Para mis hermanas como es escuela? Hoy es halloween y es muy raro porque no puedo celebrar. hasta lluego familia.
Con amor Elder Sawyer


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