October 24, 2012

Hola Familia,

Im in the middle of my second week here in the Bogota MTC. Ive only got two weeks left until im loosed on the world. Things are going well here, im learning so much spanish and so much about the gospel as well. Weve pretty much just been in the mtc this week so there isnt much to write about. I figure ill tell you what my schedule is like here i guess. Im not sure what i talked about last time but here goes. So the schedule here is similar to the provo mtc but a little different. We wake up everymoirnig at 630 for gym then breakfast. after that we have classes and have the chance to learn gospel proncipals and teach investigators. here everything is in spanish so that helps with the learning. its coming along really quick. We also talk a lot with the natives in the mtc. These kids are awesome but sometimes i cant understand a wword they are saying. So many people speak so fast, i dont know how ill be able to ever understand them. I would love to send you guys some pictures but here in the mtc we dont have access to our cameras because apparently that privledge was being abused but ill be able to send piuctures from the field. Ive got some great pictures of bogota that will blow your mind. Today we wwnt to the temple again and took a bunch of pictures of our distric companions and indivuals. The bogota temple is realy beautifyul, you should look it up on lds.org. The news about the giants making it to the world series is truly shocking news. I did not think they would make it. I would like so me further details if possible. As for the mail system here in colombia. Ive got bad news. Colombia doesnt have a centralized mail system so its very unrelaible. Your best bet of getting something to me is to send it to the mission office and they can try to get it to me if it arrives. I can send out letters for about 2 dollars so i may write one or two but during my mission im allowed to email friends so thatll be good. Okay i dont have much time but i just wanted to say i love and miss you all and im doing great.

Elder Sawyer



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