Week 5

Hola Familia,

Im on my 5th week in the MTC and its going very well. I finished the Book of Mormon this week which was pretty awesome. I started it when i got to the MTC and was able to finish it in less that a month. It was helped thankls to my companion being sick for three days and having to stay locked in the room with him. I got through over 160 pages in 3 days. Ive also been focusing on the book of mormon in my personal study and that has helped me get through it. It was a great expirience and really strengthened my testimony of the truth of the book. Im now going to focus my personal study time on the New testament. Ive never read much about Christs ministry so im looking forward to that experience.

Im doing good here. Im healthy and still learning alot. Im getting along fine with my companion and my district. It feels like ive known some of the mombers of my district my entire life because of how great of friends they are. If you guys ever see brother or sister black from our stake say hi because elder black is in my district and im with him all the time.

Por carolina, la idioma de french es no bueno, espanol es mejor. Yo estoy animad a regreser y hablo espanol todos mi dias. La idioma sera muy benicial en mi vida. Mi amigo es llamado a la france paris mission y el ama la idioma pero espanol es mejor.

I love you all and miss you.

Con amor Elder Sawyer


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