News From the MTC

Hello familia,
Its my second pday so i get the opportunity to email this morning. First off thank you guys so much for the letters and packages, it makes my day whenever i get something to read so keep it up. Especially keena and tessa, yall cant be that busy that you cant send a few letters. Also i really appreciated the postcard of seattle, it gave me something to putup on my bulletin board. Im doing really good here. My spanish is improving so rapidly. Ive already given 5 lessons to (fake) investigators and they go so well. My spanish is pretty basic but i know that if they can feel the spirit they will know of the truth. One of my investigators is a woman named gloria who is very far from the church. In our first lesson she was drinking a beer the entire time and she has serious issues with the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. My companion and i are having a difficult time trying to discern what her needs may be but i know that the Spirit will help us and help her progress. I know these people are fake and they are only actors but ive learned how to develop a love for them and how to invite them to come unto Christ.

Tucker left for Vegas this monday and i got to talk to him before he left and it was great to see how much he has progressed and learned. Its boosted my confidence in the system and how the spirit can help us in the MTC. Im learning so much about the gospel and the language sometimes i dont know how i can retain it all but somehow im holding it all in. Ive been blessed with some of the best teachers and companions i could ever ask for. My district is full of great elders and 3 hermanas. We all work and learn really well together.

I love and miss you guys so much but i know that this is where i am supposed to be. I know that there are people in Colombia who have been prepared to recieve the gospel.
Love, Elder Sawyer


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